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SodaPup Ducky eMat Enrichment Lick Mat

SodaPup Ducky eMat Enrichment Lick Mat

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Rubber Ducky, you're definitely the one! The Ducky eMat with full suction is your dog's new favourite slowfeeder. It's so easy to stick to a wall, tiles or your fridge for an enrichment experience. It's great for those dog's that don't particularly love bath time or being groomed, watch them lick their Ducky eMat whilst being soothed by the production of serotonin through licking!Combining cuteness, mental stimulation, enrichment, suction capacity and USA made quality, the Ducky eMat Lick Mat is a must have for enrichment lovers!The Ducky eMat Lick Mat by Sodapup Dog Toys is a mix of difficulty, with most grooves spread apart and several close together.This is a fantastic eMat to either start out with, or add to the range. It's among the first with suction capability, with the Whale eMat Lick Mat also having suctioning at the back.The entire eMat range is proudly USA made with 50% more material than most competitor product, they don't flop around, they're sturdy and they're certified non-toxic!

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