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K9 Rawsome FP6 Roo Hoki Wild Sardine 1kg

K9 Rawsome FP6 Roo Hoki Wild Sardine 1kg

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Meal for cats and dogs

An exceptional choice of human grade proteins, varying the nutrient profile and providing optimal nutrient absorbtion.

Formulated to feed as Complete Evolutionary Diet with organic pumpkin and pumpkin seeds to act as a natural de-wormer.

Kefir is known as the 'friendly bacteria' with anti-inflammatory properties and combined with New Zealand Hoki and Sardines to give your pet a healthy and shiny coat.

Pumpkin is ideal for cats that have furballs and regulates the digestive system for both cats and dogs.

Kangaroo is lean, high in zinc and iron which boasts energy. Roo meat plays an important part in transporting oxygen around the body and keeps the immune system strong.

Complete source of essential amino acids, fulfilling a pets diet.

Feeding raw is exactly the way nature intended it to be for pets therefore not compromising any vital nutrients. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - (W) Warming Food Energetics combined with (C) cooling foods.

TCM is a properly-balanced diet which keeps your pet's body healthy by equalising your pet’s energy through diet.


Free Range Roo 60%

Hoki 10%

Wild Sardines 10%

Bone Meal 7%

Blue Mussels 5%

Organic Pumpkin 4%

Emu Oil 2%

Kefir 1%

Pumpkin Seeds 1%

Form: Minced with diced sardine


Nutritional Analysis -

Protein 19.79%

Fats 3.63%

Carbohydrate 9.47%

Dietary Fibre 0.09%

Moisture 65.29%

Ash 1.73%



1. Place package in the refrigerator overnight.

2. Next morning, product will have thawed slightly, enough for product to be divided into portions and re-freeze if needed. Use a sharp knife to cut through semi frozen product.

3. If you intend to completely thaw and feed whole amount, you cannot re-freeze and must feed within 24 hours.

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