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K9 Rawsome Feline Meals Kitten Cottage Steg 250g

K9 Rawsome Feline Meals Kitten Cottage Steg 250g

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K9 Rawsome Kitten Cottage Steg: Duck, Chicken, Turkey

Human Grade with No Preservatives. Hormone Free

No veg/fruit with the added benefit of grounded bone

From 8 weeks of age: 5% of their body weight, 4  meals a day preferably.


1. Supplementary Feeding - Chicken or Duck necks with no skin, cut into pieces can be offered from 12 weeks of age to ensure they are chewing actively around the time their teeth are erupting.

2. Chewing on bones provides health benefits such as cleaning teeth and gums.

3. Please ensure clean fresh drinking water is available at all times.

4. Please supervise your kitten whilst chewing bones.

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