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Himalayan Dog Chew Chicken

Himalayan Dog Chew Chicken

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We are thrilled to present the remarkable flavoured Himalayan Dog Chew Chicken, brought to you by Himalayan Pet Supply, the esteemed pioneers behind the original® smoked hard cheese chew. Meticulously crafted with unwavering dedication, our enduring hard cheese chews are skillfully imbued with irresistible flavours that include the essence of real bacon, chicken, or peanuts. As dedicated pet enthusiasts, we remain steadfast in our promise to provide your cherished canine companions with nothing less than the epitome of excellence: the highest quality and healthiest natural chews that are available in the market today.

Through ethical sourcing, we are helping to improve the lives of farmers, women, and children around the world. Thank you for supporting Himalayan Pet Supply and making a difference.

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