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ForsurePet Foot Lotion 3.2g

ForsurePet Foot Lotion 3.2g

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Paws are an essential component of your Furryones' overall well-being. If dry, rough, cracked, paws leave your furbaby suffering, it’s time to treat them to some ForsurePet Foot Lotion.

ForsurePet Foot Lotion is an organic, plant-based healing balm crafted to soothe, treat, heal, and protect your furryone's paws. Do you find your furbaby incessantly licking their paws? Are you concerned with the peeling and cracking happening on the bottoms of their paws?

ForsurePet Foot Lotion is ideal for treating, healing, & protecting against: 

  • Scars & wound
  • Hyperkeratosis of the paw
  • Paw allergy symptoms
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Dry & irritated elbows
  • And more!


Despite common misconceptions, dog&cat paws are not meant to be dry and rough. Healthy paws should be hydrated, flexible, and spongy. This allows them to get a better grip while walking and running in addition to protecting them against injury.

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