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Chris Christensen SmartWash50 Deshed 16 oz

Chris Christensen SmartWash50 Deshed 16 oz

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Chris Christensen SmartWash50 De-Shed Grooming Shampoo is a gentle, but highly concentrated formula that effectively removes loose coat. This 50:1 concentrated shampoo, enriched with moisturizers, helps to release shedding hair from the coat without irritating the skin, and may be used on extreme cases of heavily impacted matting. It leaves the coat looking fresh, healthy and shiny with a subtle banana coconut fragrance.


This non-irritating formula helps to moisturize and revitalize, leaving coats fresh, healthy and shiny.


Continued use works to cut down on brushing and saves time while performing a de-shed service. Suitable for use on double coated breeds. May also be used on Doodles, Poodles, and scissored coat types that may be going through a coat change.

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