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Bugsy‘s Premium Air-Dried Formulated Meal for Dogs Kangaroo

Bugsy‘s Premium Air-Dried Formulated Meal for Dogs Kangaroo

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Bugsy's Air Dried Kangaroo wholefood is a complete and balanced meal solution suitable for dogs at all life stages. Using Human Grade Kangaroo, our single protein meals are gently air dried and balanced using only fresh whole foods. 

Kangaroo is a power protein naturally low in fat and rich in B vitamins, Omega 3s, iron and zinc, which assist dogs to metabolize both proteins and carbohydrates.

The wild lifestyle grazing of Australian Kangaroo on natural foliage produces a lean, very flavourful meat for dogs. Ideal choice for dogs with allergies or on an elimination diet. 

Bugsy's do not use synthetic vitamin pre-mixes ensuring the nutrients are the most bioavailable foods on offer in the market today.

Designed by Joanne Cooper together with a PhD qualified Pet Nutritionist, this tasty meals are fast becoming a hot favourite with even the most fussiest eaters. To make this food actively functional, we added superfoods such as green lipped mussels to promote joint health, organic seaweed as a super antioxidant and for tartar control.

Great as a nutrient dense topper or as a high value training treat to get those recall skills ticked!

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