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Blanket to Wear Winnie&Piglet

Blanket to Wear Winnie&Piglet

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  • Size

    cm 3S DSS SS DS S
    Neck 17-20cm 18-22cm 20-25cm 22-26cm 26-30cm
    Waist 27-32cm 30-35cm 34-40cm 35-41cm 42-48cm
    Back 24cm 25.5cm 28.5cm 30cm 33.5cm


    cm DM SM M L
    Neck 26-30cm 31-35cm 35-40cm 42-48cm
    Waist 41-47cm 49-55cm 55-62cm 70-78cm
    Back 34.5cm 49cm 58cm 70.5cm
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