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Big Dog Chicken Raw Cat Food

Big Dog Chicken Raw Cat Food

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Big Dog's protein-rich Chicken recipe is made with RSPCA-approved chicken plus 100% fresh, Australian beef offal full of natural vitamins and minerals to keep your feline companion healthy and happy. We also add biologically appropriate portions of seasonal fruits and veggies, sprouted wheatgrass, goats whey, and kelp, among other fantastic ingredients that include naturally present prebiotics and probiotics. Your cat will be feline fine with Chicken for Cats.


• Mixed protein recipe! Maximum convenience for you; maximum nutrition for your cat - no synthetic nutrition necessary.

• RSPCA-approved chicken and 100% Australian beef. Variety made convenient!

• All-natural nutrition from fresh, seasonal whole foods.

• Naturally high in the essential amino acid for cats, taurine.

• Rich in moisture for hydration and kidney health.

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