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Aukatz Selenium Health Water Series Bowl

Aukatz Selenium Health Water Series Bowl

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The material of the Healthwater series is an artificial functional stone made by calcining bioceramics with a mineral containing a component of natural rare earth elements (photographs do not contain radioactive minerals). In order to examine the taste of water in the Health Water Series vessel, a third party was asked to conduct a sensory evaluation test. As a result, it was found that when tap water was stored in the health water series container, the flavor changed with the passage of time as compared to tap water stored in general pottery (* 1). Due to the variety of tastes, this change in flavor is not 100% preferred, but in the flavor profile tests the generally disfavored attributes (such as irritation) are reduced and the favored attributes (rich) The result is that the It is thought that this change in flavor is caused by a special wave (* 2) from an artificial functional stone that vibrates and activates water molecules.


* 1: The details of sensory evaluation test based on ISO (international standard) and JIS (Japanese industrial standard) are here .

* 2: With waves, for example, visible light, far infrared rays, sound waves, etc. are friends of waves.

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