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Solid Wood Adjustable Pet Ramp
  • Solid Wood Adjustable Pet Ramp

    Make it easy for your pets to travel with you with this portable, adjustable pet ramp. Whether you use it indoors so your pet can crawl into bed with you or help your pup get into your car, this ramp is a must for pet owners.

    For senior pets, a ramp is easier on the joints than pet stairs since it's a steady incline. Its adjustable height allows you to use it with a wide variety of vehicles or other uses. Easily foldable and storable, this ramp is also portable – take it with you anywhere you go. Its sturdy hinge and non-slip surface support pets up to 50 kg. Crafted from durable plywood and natural timber, this free-standing ramp is perfectly sized for small to medium dogs or other small animals. A non-slip carpet surface makes it easy for your dogs to navigate the climb. Don't pay for pet-sitters when you go on holiday with the family. Take your four-legged family members along with you for a change.

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