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Green Grass 60x60cm Training Pads 30pcs

Green Grass 60x60cm Training Pads 30pcs

Green Grass Training Pads 60 x 60cm

This is a one of a kind potty training mat. Prevent your home from urine smells with these puppy pads.

Consisting of 5 layers, the outer layer is made from a non woven fabric containing a pet attractant, followed by a high quality water absorption layers with an added antibacterial agent and deodorizer and a sturdy bottom layer to minimise damage to your floors. These are not only leakproof but also have an awesome and subtle green grass scent.

  • Detail

    Approximately 60 x 60 cm

  • Features

    • Leakproof and fast drying
    • Comes in a pack of 30
    • Minimises odours and keeps the house clean
    • Green grass scent
    • 5 layer highly absorbent pads
    • Contains a pet attractant
    • Added antibacterial agent and deodorizer
GST Included
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