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Granata DeliCatessen Premium Cat Wet Food 200g
  • Granata DeliCatessen Premium Cat Wet Food 200g

    Complete food for adult cats

    • NO grain and gluten
    • Pomegranate seeds
    • Green lipped mussel
    • High quality oils

    GranataPet DeliCATessen wet food offers 14 ideally balanced varieties of fine pâté, as well as delicious salmon mousse in the form of our Lachs PUR product. We cold-fill our raw ingredients and then gently steam them to ensure that their precious nutrients, vitamins and essential fatty acids are preserved. The wet-food recipes are rich in high-quality oils (salmon oil or linseed oil) and contain New Zealand green-lipped mussel to protect your pet’s bones and joints, as well as pomegranate seeds to support their immune system.

    • Manufactured

      • IN Germany
      • WITH pomegranate seeds for cell protection
      • WITH taurine and WITH high-quality oils
      • WITH green lipped mussel for joint protection
      • NO grain and gluten
      • NO wheat, no rice, no corn, no soy
      • NO added sugar
      • NO artificial preservatives
      • NO artificial colourings and flavourings
      • NO genetically modified organisms
      • NO animal testing
    GST Included
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