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Fringe Studio Plush Toy-SnowRus Rex

Fringe Studio Plush Toy-SnowRus Rex

“Bake” your dog’s day with the Fringe Studio’s PetShop Holiday Cookie-Saurus Dinosaur Plush Dog Toy!


“Nom” away boredom with the Fringe Studio Holiday Christmas Cookie-Saurus T-Rex Dinosaur! This adorable and festive holiday plush dog toy features a unique gingerbread cookie design - a great holiday gift for your dog! With a loud squeaker and crazy crinkle paper inside, Cookie-Saurus is full of fun and has a variety of sounds and textures your dog will enjoy for hours. Super soft and snuggly, Cookie-Saurus also makes a great bedtime cuddle buddy for your Santa Paws!

  • Features

    • Holiday-themed plush and squeaky dog toy featuring a T-Rex dinosaur gingerbread cookie!
    • Includes one loud squeaker inside to keep your dog engaged and entertained
    • Crazy crinkle paper inside for crunchy sounds and textures for extra howl-iday fun
    • Super soft and plush toy for bedtime cuddles and gentle play
  • Detail

    Size: Approx. 29cm

GST Included
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