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Cranimals Original Supplement 60g

Cranimals Original Supplement 60g

Cranimals makes vegan, food grade cranberry supplements and antioxidants for pets to help manage the most common pet health issues, including pet bladder infections, pet bladder stones, dog skin allergies and cat diabetes as well as canine inflammatory bowel disease. Featured in American Journal Veterinary Research, Veterinary Practise News, Mercola Healthy Pets, Integrated Veterinary Care Magazine and Modern Dog Magazine our pet supplements deliver nature's best defense against disease and aging.

Our Cranimals supplements are simple yet powerful formulas, culled from the latest research in nutritional medicine, and work because of nutrient synergy.

You won't find added fillers, flow agents, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in any Cranimals products.

Made in Canada. 

  • Features

    Cranimals Original, formulated with 100% certified organic cranberry extract, is especially formulated for adult dogs and cats to promote urinary tract, oral and heart health. Used by holistic vets for managing recurrent UTIs, struvite stones and incontinence.

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