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Ruffwear Confluence Waterproof Dog Collar Aurora Teal
  • Ruffwear Confluence Waterproof Dog Collar Aurora Teal

    The Confluence Collar is the go-to stink-proof waterproof collar for dogs that love exploring in wet environments. And since with great water comes great stinkability, the collar features a coated webbing that fends off the funk. Flip, slide, and lock the cam buckles for an easy-adjusting and, ultimately, an easy-wearing collar that's comfortable for everyday wear.


    Includes reflective screen printing, and packed full of Ruffwear’s signature collar features: separate ID tag attachment point on the new piton-inspired tag holder, a silicone tag silencer, and a strong leash attachment point for a confident connection on-leash.


    Dog collars pose risks during playtime and at home. 

    • Features


      Coated webbing is waterproof, stink-proof, and easy to clean.


      Flip, slide, and lock adjusters for easy fitting.


      Easy-to-use side-release buckle.


    GST Included
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