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CIAO Pon Churu for Cats 35g*2
  • CIAO Pon Churu for Cats 35g*2

    Serve the most delicious of fish dishes to your feline family with CIAO Pon Churu Tuna Bonito cat treat that is grain-free and fortified with antioxidants found in green tea. It's a healthy fit for any breed and stage of life, so you can create a custom diet just for them!

    • Features

      • No mess easy-open cup cat treat.
      • Seafood feast flavoured cat treat with Bonito and Tuna.
      • Hydration-filled cat treat.
      • Added antioxidants from Vitamin E for silky smoothie coats and healthy skin. 
      • Best training rewards.
      • Grain-free product.
      • No pork and lard content.
      • No preservatives and colouring were added.
      • Green tea is fortified in these treats which help lower blood sugar levels and reduce cholesterol-helping to keep your feline family member's heart running at peak efficiency.
      • Green Tea promotes healthier teeth and gums.
      • Recommended for cats of all breeds and life stages.
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