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Catz Purrrr Single Protein Can 200g
  • Catz Purrrr Single Protein Can 200g

    Catz grain-free monoprotein wet food contains only one animal protein source
    per flavour. The ingredient list, which is deliberately kept short, consists of over 98% meat/innards/fish and cooking liquid, supplemented with minerals and high quality oil. This makes the exquisite meals particularly wholesome and also ideal for cats with food intolerances. With an exclusion diet with catz finefood PURRRR, cat lovers can find the flavours that their four-legged darling can tolerate. Like all catz finefood products, this tasty complete feed is free from flavourings, colourings, preservatives or added sugar. We produce in Germany without the use of genetic engineering or animal testing. The pure taste convinces all little gourmets..

    • Features

      •  Balanced complete feed based on the prey concept
      •  Monoprotein
      •  Over 98 % meat / fish / innards / cooking liquid
      •  Grain-free and without added sugar
      •  Free from flavourings, colouring agents, preservatives or added sugar
      • Genetically unmodified and animal testing-free
      • Transparent declaration of ingredients
      • 11 delicious flavours, 4 sizes
      • Made in Germany
    • Ingredients

      Purrrr No. 103 - Chicken

      Composition: Chicken 70% (consisting of heart, muscle meat, liver, stomach, neck and fat), chicken cooking liquid 28.8%, minerals 1%, macadamia nut oil 0.2%

      Purrrr No. 109 - Wild Boar

      Composition: Wild boar 70%, wild boar cooking liquid 28.8%, minerals 1%, grape seed oil 0.2%

      Purrrr No. 115 - Duck

      Composition: Duck 70% (consisting of heart, stomach and neck), duck cooking liquid 28.8%, minerals 1%, thistle oil 0.2%

      Purrrr No. 117 - Turkey

      Composition: Turkey 70% (consisting of heart, stomach, muscle meat, liver and neck), turkey cooking liquid 28.8%, minerals 1%, sunflower oil 0.2%

    PriceFrom $6.90
    GST Included
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