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Lila Loves It Anti-Tique Spray 100ml

Lila Loves It Anti-Tique Spray 100ml

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The ANTI-TIQUE SPRAY protects against ticks and other parasites. The unique herbal formula relies on the effective power of lemon eucalyptus. The essential oil of this eucalyptus tree species native to China contains citriodiol. The active phyto-ingredient is considered the most effective natural repellent: Its scent effectively repels insects without poisoning them. This makes our ANTI-TIQUE SPRAY a trustworthy alternative to chemical concoctions.

The spray is a light emulsion and easily applied to coat and skin. The ingredients are hydrating and non-sticky. ANTI-TIQUE SPRAY is also very suitable for protecting people and horses. For carefree time in nature.
The bottles are made from recycled plastic produced regionally by a manufacturer in Franconia. Due to short transportation and the use of plastic waste as raw material, we keep environmental pollution as low as possible.

Shelf life: Use within 12 months after opening.

Active substance: 9,6 g/ 100g Eucalyptus citriodora oil, hydrated, cyclized
BAuA Reg.-Nr.: N-86493


Biocidal product, use with care. Not suitable for cats. Always read the label and product information before use.

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