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UAH Intelligent Vacuum Food Storage Bucket
  • UAH Intelligent Vacuum Food Storage Bucket

    • Infant-grade nationally certified food material, which can be directly contacted with food for a long time: inhibit bacteria, no chemical reaction, no post-coloring, safe and non-toxic, no oil absorption, no oil, drop and wear resistance
    • One-button automatic vacuum, the pet food is locked into the fresh-keeping box: vacuum lock is fresh, mold-proof, moisture-proof and insect-proof, inhibits bacteria and will not breed bacteria, safe material, baby tableware material
    • Intelligent constant pressure technology, automatic monitoring to ensure the vacuum environment:
    • It will automatically adjust the vacuum time according to the volume of pet food in the bucket, and intelligently monitor whether there is virtual air inflow, automatically constant pressure, and ensure that the bucket is always a negative pressure vacuum preservation environment.
    • Extend the shelf life by 5 times and the last one is still crispy and delicious. Thoroughly block air and moisture, and always maintain the best taste. Cats will not refuse to eat because their pet food gets damp and tastes bad.
    • Instructions for use

      • Long press the Lock key for 3s to turn on, the indicator light is always blue;
      • When you touch the Lock button to start vacuuming, you need to press the lid for 2-3 seconds to ensure vacuum in a sealed state (the duration of vacuuming varies according to the number of items in the barrel different, the vacuuming time of the empty barrel is about 60s) At this time, the indicator light is flashing blue. When the barrel reaches the vacuum state, it will automatically stop working; Tap the release button, the blue indicator light flashes, and the pressure is balanced with a beep. Lower the lid; Long press the release key for 5 seconds to shut down, the indicator light goes out
      • When the indicator light turns red, it is in the state of lack of power
      • The blue light flashes when charging, and the blue light is always on after charging.
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