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TROUBLE&TRIX Clumping Litter Baking Soda 15L

TROUBLE&TRIX Clumping Litter Baking Soda 15L

SKU: AQ106

Trouble and Trix Clumping Litter Baking Soda has a triple action formula for your convenience. This natural and biodegradable product neutralises odour, is highly absorbent and makes for easy cleaning. Infused with baking soda this litter traps pungent smells whilst also emitting a fresh scent. Trouble and Trix litter conveniently allows liquid waste to clump on top, which means easy cleaning and reduced litter waste.

  • Features

    • Triple action formula with baking soda
    • Neutralises odour with a natural fresh scent
    • Highly absorbent clumping litter for easy cleaning
GST Included
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