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Terra Canis Herbal Heroes Mountain Climber-Heart and Arteries 100g
  • Terra Canis Herbal Heroes Mountain Climber-Heart and Arteries 100g

    One of Terra Canis’ newest “Herbal Heroes” – Mountain Climber supports to your dog’s cardiovascular health, thanks to a blend of medicinal herbs such as ginkgo, hawthorn and mullein, as well as Bach flowers such as hornbeam, vine and rock rose.

    This powerful combination keeps your dog’s heart and arteries healthy and can be given permanently as a food supplement to upgrade any diet.


    Used wisely, herbs offer a gentle but proven alternative to conventional medications. They can be used alongside vet prescribed drugs, as a regimen, or as a daily dietary supplement.

    Developed by veterinarians & specialists from the European Academy for Natural Medicine and Environmental Medicine this unique blend is guaranteed to have your poorly buddy up and running in no time!

    • Ingredients

      Hawthorn leaf with blossoms, ginkgo leaf, lemon balm leaf, mullein, pink rose bloom, red rose bloom, parsley leaf, savory, Bach flower essence (chicory, larch, hornbeam, vine, rock rose, Star of Bethlehem, beech)

    • Nutritional Analysis

      • Protein: 13.8 %
      • Fat content: 2.8 %
      • Crude fibre: 13.9 %
      • Crude ash: 7.1 %
    • Feeding Info

      The Mountain Climber Herbal Blend is suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages.

      • Mix the daily recommended amount into your dog’s food and allow it to rest for approximately 10 minutes.
      • Please always respect the daily feeding recommendation.
      • Measuring spoon is included in the packet.

      Dog’s weight / Recommended Daily Feeding Amount 

      Up to 10 kg/ 0,5 spoon per day

      Up to 20 kg/ 1 spoon per day

      Up to 30 kg/ 2 spoon per day

      From 40 kg/ 3 spoon per day

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