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Simple Life Partner Pill Crusher
  • Simple Life Partner Pill Crusher

    3-in-1 Pill Cutter, Crusher and Storage

    Threaded pill crusher

    Flip-top pill cutter

    Handy storage compartment

    • Directions

      To cut pills: Open lid, place pill on base of cutter between guides. Rest cutter on flat surface, close and push down firmly.

      To crush: Unscrew base and place pills in the compartment. Screw back all the way until pills are completely crushed. Take care when re-opening to avoid powder spilling.

      To store: The middle section is a storage compartment. To access this, unscrew pill cutter section

      Care: Wipe blades and crusher clean after each use. Blade is sharp, keep away from children. Always inspect unit before use to ensure all parts are free of residues or defects.

    GST Included
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