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Recordable Pet Talking Buttons

Recordable Pet Talking Buttons

  • Do you want to make your beloved pet dog feel special? Want to talk with them while you’re not at home? These Recordable Talking Buttons  for dogs are here to help you.

    These buttons can be used for training or for play while you're away. Record words or phrases like ‘Play’, ‘I want to eat’ in different dog training voice buttons, and let your dog express its feelings. 

  • Detail

    • Voice Recordable. These buttons can record your voice after a long press and a beep sound
    • Easy To Use, lightweight, and it can be taken to anywhere.
    • Bright colors so your dog can learn new colors and anticipate their meanings also. For example, the red button means eat, or the yellow button means to play.
    • Reusable and 2 * AAA batteries powered
GST Included
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