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    Made of the finest soft silicone which easily removes impurities and dirt from your pet’s skin.
    3D curved teeth of 4 different thicknesses remove loose hair and massages the skin at various angles
    A circular, compact type appearance is easy to hold and manoeuvre to keep your pet at ease.
    Includes matte oil which allows the brush to glide through the coat.
    Removes any knots or matted hair with ease.
    Improves your pet’s blood circulation which keeps its internal system active and energized.
    Brushing regularly releases natural oils to support healthy skin and coat.
    Reduces combing resistance and makes it easier for you to go through the session at ease.
    Great bonding opportunity between you and your pet.
    Can be used under both wet and dry conditions and performs well with or without water.
    Easy to clean – remove the hair from the brush and wash the comb with clean water.
    The brush dries quickly after washing and inhibits the formation of bacteria.

    • Features

      • EFFICIENTLY REMOVE LOOSE HAIR: PETKIT grooming brush for cats and dogs can remove up to 90% shedding hair from your cat within few minutes.
      • SOFT AND SKIN-FRIENDLY SILICONE TEETH : The pet massage comb is soft, even for sensitive skin. Let you cat enjoy grooming and also promote its blood circulation.
      • PET BATH MASSAGE BRUSH: The comb gives your pet a thorough clean by bringing shampoo to the surface of your cat’s skin to nourish its fur.
      • EASY TO CLEAN: Simply rinse the brush with water.
      • TIPS: In order to control shedding hair, spraying a little bit of water on the comb will minimise fur from flying everywhere.
    • Detail

      • Size: 7.9×7.9×3.6cm
      • Weight: 0.1kg
      • Material: Silicone
    GST Included
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