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Mitate Beauty Pet Spa CO2 Tab for Pets

Mitate Beauty Pet Spa CO2 Tab for Pets

  • This revolutionary product is effective in deep-cleansing of the fur, removing what regular shampoos can't - the source of your furkid's odor, and enhances blood circulation. It contains no surfactant, paraben, fragrances, and colorants.
  • Deep cleansing with Bicarbonate Ions The synergetic effect of bicarbonate ion, hydrogen ion, and citric acid washes off sebum and mineral dirt without causing the skin to be dry. The result is a voluminous and shiny fur coat which feels incredibly soft and silky!
  • Ability to remove the source of the odor The cause of pet odor is a combination of stale fats sticking to minerals waste, which gets trapped in your pet's fur and in between paw pads. Regular shampoo is unable to rid of it, but this grooming tab can.
  • Improve health and immunity Mammals product nitric oxide on our own but reduces we age or when under stress or have poor heart health. The tab helps by releasing these bicarbonate ions into the bloodstream, which in turn releases the nitric oxide, dilating the blood vessels, and increase blood circulation. Blood gets transporter in the lungs, where bicarbonate ions turn into CO2 and released during exhalation.
  • Convenient and easy to use The tables are shaped round and small. Depending on the size of the pet, at least 1 tablet is enough for a small breed pet. Just pop it into a shower head that's removable or drop it into a bath for a spa.
  • Safe for eyes and ingestion Not to worry if the dissolved tablets get into the eyes and mouth. Just shower your pet we per normal.
  • Directions

    • For showering - Pop the tablet in a removable shower head and use it as per normal. For bigger breeds, pop another one after the first tablet fully dissolves.
    • For spa - Fill the tub with water and simply drop the tablet. Soak your furkids for about 5~10 minutes.
    • Small breeds: 1 tablet will do | Medium breeds: 1~2 tablets will do. | Large breeds: 2~3 tablets will do.
    • Do ensure that hands are dry before taking the tablet out of the package.
GST Included
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