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Moews Natural Mixed Tofu Litter 6L/2.5kg
  • Moews Natural Mixed Tofu Litter 6L/2.5kg

    • A highly economical clumping litter in form of Spherical&Cylindrical pellets made from natural peas.
    • The special benefit of pellets is that the unique shape stops the litter from sticking to your cat’s fur and paws
    • This significantly reduces the issue of litter being accidentally carried out of the tray around your home
    • Features

      • This incredibly absorbent clumping litter is made from organic plant ingredient.
      • Effectively traps smells and promotes a clean and hygienic litter tray
      • Environmentally friendly and draws upon renewable and sustainable resources
      • Completely biodegradable and compostable
      • Economical and efficient - the clumping action allows you to easily scoop out the specific areas of soiled litter, which in turn makes the litter last longer
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