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K9 Rawsome FP3 Turkey and Beef Rump 1kg

K9 Rawsome FP3 Turkey and Beef Rump 1kg


All Ingredients are human grade with Zero Preservatives and includes ground duck frame.


Turkey is an ideal protein for pets!

Iron - Mineral that’s needed to carry oxygen throughout the body.


Choline - Nutrient responsible for proper liver & brain function. Also reduces seizure frequency in epileptic dogs.


Selenium - Mineral with antioxidant properties.


Zinc - Trace mineral and a necessary component of a healthy, functioning immune system.


Phosphorus & Calcium - Minerals that are important for skeletal & dental health.


Potassium - Mineral needed for healthy muscles, nerves, and enzymes.


B vitamins (B 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 12, Niacin = B 3). Water-soluble nutrients vital for a healthy nervous & immune system, healthy nails & skin, healthy digestion.


Formulation: Minced in 1kg flat pouch

Suitable for cats and dogs as evolutionary fed 80.10.10 Franken Prey Diet

  • Ingredients

    80% Muscle Meat / 10% Bone / 10% Organ

    • Turkey 50%
    • Beef Rump (premium) 20%
    • Ground Duck Frame 10%
    • Pork Heart 10%
    • Lamb Liver 5%
    • Beef Kidney 5%


  • Nutritional Analysis

    • Protein          20.46 %
    • Fats             6.26 % 
    • Carbohydrate     0.05 % 
    • Dietary Fiber    0 %    
    • Moisture         72.28 %
    • Ash              0.95 %
  • What is Franken Prey? ​

    Franken Prey mimics a diet closest to what nature provides for Carnivores without the meal being presented as whole prey yet completely balanced as 80.10.1o.  If you are a little squeamish at the sight of seeing a duck head or whole intact birds or brains in your pets bowl, then Franken Prey is ideal.


    Our Franken Prey diets are strictly human grade premium proteins  with  no additions added such as vegetables or oils etc. Some of our FPD are minced or diced or a combination.  We have a broad range of form as some pets can be fussy. Some pets prefer minced and others prefer diced only.


    You can feed the FPD as Completely Balanced .  You  can add extras such as  vegetables , fruit or even yoghurt and eggs if you are an experienced raw feeder or to further cater for your pets requirements.

    We also recommend you change the diversity of FPD that are fed in order to provide your pet an overall wellness of beneficial goodness to their health.


    You can add up to 25% vegetables as most dogs do well however but we suggest you keep a smaller % ratio.

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