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K9 Rawsome Crocodile Bone Broth (Medicinal) 250ml

K9 Rawsome Crocodile Bone Broth (Medicinal) 250ml


Concentrated 48 hour Bone broth promotes a healthy digestive system. It is ideal for your dogs joints because it contains gelatin, which is a form of collagen, as well as glucosamine, chondroitin, and other nutrients that support joint health. 


Note:  The Crocodile Broth is not meant to be thick


INGREDIENTS used to make broth:

Crocodile and Bone, Reishi Mushroom, Turmeric, Kale, Carrot, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar


The Benefits of this Medicinal Bone Broth:

  • Boost the Immune System
  • Protects the Liver and detoxifies
  • Manage Diabetes
  • Support Heart Health
  • Control Allergies by preventing histamines
  • Slow ageing symptoms such as arthritis and cognitive issues


Detoxifying his liver: Bone broth delivers lots of glycine, the amino acid needed by the liver to clear out all the toxins present in food, water and even pest treatments.


Boosting his digestive tract: Collagen helps strengthen the intestinal lining so bacteria from undigested food doesn’t seep into the bloodstream.


Strengthening his immune system: Bone marrow carries oxygen to the body’s cells, bolstering the immune system’s ability to battle illnesses.


Helping joints: Cats and dogs with arthritis or other joint issues benefit greatly from bone broth’s easily-absorbed minerals, including magnesium and glucosamine


Keeping bones healthy: Bone broth is rich in calcium and phosphorus, which is crucial for maintaining and healing bones and teeth, and for generating energy.


Boosting nutrition, juicing poor appetites: For pets with food sensitivities, or senior cats or dogs whose appetites lag, bone broth’s taste and ease of digestion invites them to chow down.


Ideal for fussy eaters, they love bone broth!


Week 1: We recommend starting your pet with one serving per day, every second day, just to make sure it agrees with your pet's digestive system.


How to Use

Receive Frozen, thaw overinight in refrigerator.

Use as often required for cats or dogs.

Broth will last up to 7 days once opened.



Under 9kg: 1 tablespoons per day

10kg - 18kg: 3-4 tablespoons per day

19kg - 36kg: 5 -6 tablespoon per day

Over 36kg: 7 tablespoon per day

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