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Fringe Studio Squeaker Sloth-Snuggled Up

Fringe Studio Squeaker Sloth-Snuggled Up

Let your dog relax and chew the holidays away with the Fringe Studio’s Holiday Snuggled Up No Stuffing Tough Squeaky Dog Toy!

Bring some holiday cheer to your dog’s playtime with the Fringe Studio Holiday Snuggled Up Sloth! Specially designed for tough chewers, this durable, stuffing-free dog toy features chew-resistant fabric layers and strong bindings to withstand your dog’s enthusiastic chewing and play. In a festive Christmas sweater and Santa hat, this friendly holiday sloth has a loud squeaker and crazy crinkle paper inside for a variety of chewing textures and noise makers that your dog will find irresistibly fun! Though this sloth is tough, he also has a soft and plush exterior for bedtime cuddles.

  • Features

    • Holiday-themed sloth plush chew toy for tough chewers
    • Stuffing-free durable dog toy with soft plush exterior and reinforced material for extended play
    • One loud squeaker and crinkle paper inside to add textures and sounds for your dog to enjoy
    • Strong outer bindings and chew-resistant interior to prevent wear and tear
    • Ideal for tough chewers and for medium to large dogs to enjoy
  • Detail

    Dimensions: Approx. 26cm x 28cm

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