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K9 Rawsome Feline Meals Adult Maintenance Alley Kat 250g

K9 Rawsome Feline Meals Adult Maintenance Alley Kat 250g


K9 Rawsome  Adult Maintenance Alley Kat: Beef

Advanced innovation meal formulated by blends of specific ingredients by the Director of K9 Rawsome (Certified in K9 Nutrition) and Vet Assistance to provide superior joint health and a healthy heart.


New and Improved with Kefir and our very own 48 hour concentrated grass fed bone beef bone broth.


Zero Preservatives


Human Grade Beef contains Vitamin B12,Zinc,Selenium,Iron,Niacin,Vitamin B6,Phosphorus with muscle meat and organs.  When a raw diet is fed it is recommended that only quality proteins to be fed such as 'Human Grade'. 

No vegetables, no gluten, no by-products

100% Human Grade Ingredients

  • Ingredients

    • Beef Premium 90cl grade mince
    • Kangaroo and Ground Bone
    • Pork Heart
    • Beef Liver and Kidney
    • Egg yolk 
    • Concentrated Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth
    • Kefir
    • Organic Seaweed
    • Organic Kelp
    • Taurine
  • Nutritional Analysis


    • Protein                24.61%
    • Fat                           5.64%
    • Carbohydrate    0.34%
    • Fibre                      0.89%
    • Moisture            66.94%
    • Ash                         2.44%


  • Feeding Guide

    Weight of Cat kg       Amount Per Day in Grams

    2.5                                    95

    3.5                                   135

    5                                       200

    7.5                                    315

    10                                     430

GST Included
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