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Chris Christensen Ionic Brass Boar Brush

Chris Christensen Ionic Brass Boar Brush

These Ionic brass and boar brushes from Chris Christensen are made for short-coated breeds and hand-stripped wire coated breeds.

Gauge Brass Bristles with Outer Row of High Quality Boar Bristle.

100% Static Free.  Lightweight Beech Wood Designed for soft coats or long terrier coats.  

  • Note

    This brush is not to be used on wet coats or with any liquid products, for they will oxidize the brass.  It is intended to be used as a finishing brush on clean, dry coats.

  • Features

    • Durable, lightweight Beech wood with an ultra fine finish
    • Solid Brass inner bristles distribute natural oils
    • Outer row of Boar bristles smooth the hair
    • Cleans dander and foreign matter from the dogs coat with less strokes
    • Made in Germany
價格自 AU$55.95
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