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Chris Christensen Big K Slicker Brush
  • Chris Christensen Big K Slicker Brush

    The Chris Christensen Baby K and Big K Long Pin Slickers allow you to do the job in half the time! These thoughtfully-designed slicker brushes feature long, sparse pins to penetrate deep into hard-to-manage coats.

    • Designed for detangling and removing knots
    • Gets down to the root and removes hard-to-reach undercoat
    • Thins and separate hairs throughout the coat, creating lift and volume
    • Special pin bend creates lift & movement to pick up more coat
    • Flexible cushion is gentle and forgiving
    • Extreme curved back allows for more control, movement & direction
    • Extra long ergonomic handle reduces arm & hand fatigue
    • Compare to Big G

      The Big K was originally designed for the unique needs of the Black Russian Terrier, but there are dozens of breeds that need this brush! Does the job in half the time!


      Both the Big K and Big G have:

      Long Pins to penetrate deep into longer coats.

      Special Pin Bend creates lift and movement, to pick up more coat.

      Flexible Cushion, our signature cushion is gentle and forgiving.

      Extreme Curved Back to allow more control, movement and direction.

      Extra Long Ergonomic Handle reduces hand and arm fatigue.

      Click HERE to learn when and how to use the Big K and Big G brushes.

    PriceFrom $95.95
    GST Included
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