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Bugsy‘s Dehydrated Chicken Thin 70g
  • Bugsy‘s Dehydrated Chicken Thin 70g

    Bugsy home-made Crispy Chicken Thins are freshly baked using 100% free-range Australian Chicken Mince plus offal mix.

    Suitable for both dogs & cats at all life stages, the strips can be crunched up whole or easily broken down into small bite size pieces.

    Bursting with flavour and the smell of roasted chicken, these healthy treats are a yummy everyday favourite and perfect for training.

    • Nutritional Analysis

      • Crude Protein (Min.) 65.0%
      • Crude Fat (Min.) 2.0%
      • Moisture (Max.) 12.0%
    • Ingredients

      • Australian Free Ranged Minced Chicken Necks, Chicken Heart, Chicken Giblet, Chicken Liver.
    • Features

      • Excellent 'guilt-free' training treat; high protein & low fat.
      • Great source of Anti-Oxidants, Omega 3 & Vitamin B12.
      • No artificial preservatives or additives.
      • High in Protein
      • Low in Fat & Hypo-allergenic
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