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Bugsy‘s Basics Raw Essential  Pet Mince Beef
  • Bugsy‘s Basics Raw Essential Pet Mince Beef

    庫存單位: BEM-B

    Designed for the pet owner who prefers to build their own pet meals, our Basic essentials pet meat range is a simple mix of single protein muscle meat, mixed with approx. 10% organ and 10% ground bone.

    Bugsy's BASICS mix is the perfect base platform which you can build creative meals for your pet...great for fussy eaters!

    • Features

      • 100% Minced Australian Grass-fed Beef and Beef Offal; ethically sourced from local Victorian producers
      • Prepared by hand in small batches in a Prime Safe Approved facility using Recyclable Packaging
      • NO added water, preservatives, flavours, fillers, synthetic vitamins, minerals or other additives
      • Truly Raw: Never denatured, irradiated, pasteurized, or High-Pressure pasteurized
    • Ingredients

      100% Australian Beef Mince (Human Grade), Beef Heart, Beef Brisket Bones, Beef Kidney and Beef Liver

    價格自 AU$9.50
    已含  增值税
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