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Big Dog Turkey Raw Cat Food
  • Big Dog Turkey Raw Cat Food

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    For a lighter flavour, your cat may prefer our turkey recipe. This recipe features turkey as our primary flavour and source of lean muscle meat and calcium-rich bone whilst also combining chicken and beef offal for its vitamin and mineral-rich properties. To this, there is biologically appropriate amounts of carrots, wheat grass, barley grass, whole eggs, live probiotics, prebiotics alfalfa and kelp. For our turkey-loving cats out there, they’ll gobble this one up!


    Available in 1.38kg pack with 12 x 115g individual patties.

    • Ingredients

      Turkey, finely ground turkey bone, chicken, finely ground chicken bone, beef, beef heart, beef liver, carrots, wheat grass, barley grass, eggs, live probiotics, prebiotics, alfalfa, kelp.

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