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Big Dog Single Protein Freeze-Dried Bites Kangaroo 160g

Big Dog Single Protein Freeze-Dried Bites Kangaroo 160g

Using fresh wild-harvested Kangaroo meat, bone and offal, our Kangaroo Bites are a high quality, species-appropriate diet or treat for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Naturally lean and low in fat this recipe is great for dogs who need to lose weight or older dogs who need a lower fat diet and treats to maintain a healthy weight. Our Kangaroo Bites are also a single-protein recipe, great for dogs with allergies to other proteins while still providing a source of high quality amino acids coming only from fresh, raw Australian produce. We add offal to our recipes for concentrated naturally occurring vitamins and minerals as well as crushed bone for calcium, collagen, bone marrow and other nutritional building blocks for healthy bones and joints. Our recipes also contain a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and other healthy ingredients to provide a naturally balanced source of nutrition full of anti-inflammatory, immune supporting and health promoting ingredients.


*Big Dog Kangaroo Freeze-Dried Bites are Complete and Balanced by AAFCO standards for healthy growth in puppies and maintaining health in adult dogs when re-hydrated.

  • Ingredients

    Kangaroo (meat, crushed bone, heart, liver, lung, trachea),seasonal fruit and vegetables (carrots, green beans, celery, orange, apple), sodium bentonite, cold pressed ground flaxseed, cold pressed flaxseed oil, whole chicken egg, coconut oil, kelp, turmeric, organic fulvic acid.

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