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Absolute Holistic Complete Cuisine Tuna Classic 150g
  • Absolute Holistic Complete Cuisine Tuna Classic 150g

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    Absolute Holistic Complete Cuisine is created to provide your cats with a complete meal that Is effortless and convenient.
    Each can contains fresh and natural ingredients that are 100 free from grains, artificial flavours or preservatives. With carefully seleted product that are high-quality, give your cats a nutritious diet packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

    • Ingredients

      • For Fussy Eaters
      • Taurine Added
      • FLUTD Care
      • Broth Brewed Naturally From Whole Chicken Or Whole Tuna
      • No Thickening Agent or Gelling Agent
      • Holistic Cat Food
      • Real Meat Flakes
      • Grain Free
      • No Pork, No Lard
      • 100% Nutritious & Complete Meal
      • Complete Meal Based On European Pet food Industry Federation ( FEDIAF ) Standard
      • Suitable for all life stage cats 
    • Features

      • Inspired by raw feeding committee
      • Nutrient dense with meat & offal
      • Added Gizzard, Heart & Liver
      • Suitable for both cats & dogs
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