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Laila and Me: Essential for Raw Meat Transition Process

All range from Laila and Me now available in Nekopia Pets.

Most of the "furrents" have one common issue with their furry ones which is dental health. The easiest way to encounter this issue is feeding raw chicken necks or chicken wing tips to clean their teeth. However, most of the furbabies have a common habit which doesn't swallow while eating dry food or wouldn't eat raw meat at all if transitioning process is not done correctly. Freeze-dried products from Laila and me would be a great helper for "furrents" who wishes to go through raw meat transition for their pets.

Laila and Me produces high quality freeze-dried treats which undergone freeze drying process which uses the modern preservation technique to preserve the food, and keep it in its original state without losing any nutritional value. To ensure the quality their products, the founder of Laila and Me went through the whole process from knowing the origin of raw meat, human or pet grade, ethically sourced, and every single detail in the process of producing their own range of pet treats.

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